Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan and Cooper Standard are proud to roll out JA STEMworks! – a program designed to introduce middle and high school students to a variety of STEM-related careers.  

How it works

STEMworks! is facilitated by professionals currently working in STEM-related careers. These individuals guide students through STEM activities and talk to them openly, relating the activities to real-life careers.

Prior to their day at Junior Achievement, students will receive several hours of classroom content preparing them for the experience. This additional in classroom content and attention to detail is the JA difference.

Groups will experience the following: 

Opening Talk: 

  • Overview of activities and introduction of volunteers

  • Brief video about STEM


STEM Activities 1-5:

  • Mass: adding and subtracting weight and racing

  • Programming & Coding: programming mouse game

  • Wind: Wind tunnel experiment

  • Simulation: computer simulated predictive design

  • TinkerCAD: students experiment with CAD


Team Exercise: 
Teams will build race-cars with Lego and modeling clay using the knowledge they’ve learned throughout the day. Models will be tested, weighed and put into the wind tunnel prior to racing the cars. 

Round-table Discussions: 
Open discussion between students and professionals who currently work in STEM-related careers.

For information on how your company can get engaged or volunteer with this program, please contact Jennifer Champion at jchampion@jamichigan.org

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