Nolan Finley Show on 910AM – December 19, 2017

Margaret Trimer-Hartley co-hosted the Nolan Finley Show on 910AM Superstation with a great guest list, including Matt Simoncini, of Lear Corp.

Kirk Mayes, from Forgotten Harvest is at 37:12; Rufus McGaugh, Grosse Pointe teacher who traveled every country in the world and wrote a book called "Longitude and Latitude with Attitude; and Matt Simoncini, retiring CEO of Lear Corp, is at 1:31:31. 

Podcast from the Journey to Jobs Show on 910AM Superstation – December 17, 2017

Laura Granneman, VP of Strategic Investments at Quicken, talks about what Quicken is doing with the more than 300,000 (yes, that's correct, the equivalent of 7500 40-hour work weeks) to give back to and build community in Detroit: 18:22

Dan Davis, EVP at Eagle Security, talks about jobs in the security industry and how young people can seize the opportunities available, including how important reading and writing are to those jobs: 39:56

Tom Staperfenne, economics and government teacher University Prep Academy, talks about how he's teaching entrepreneurship to teenagers: 1:13;10

Podcast from the Journey to Jobs show – December 10, 2017

I started with a conversation about this quote--trying to get at the practical applications in our city and our lives: "Diversity is being invited to the dance; inclusion is being asked to dance."

That was followed by a robust discussion with Bill Symonds, director of Global Pathways Institute at Arizona State University, about disconnected youth, the disintegration of the American Dream and how schools must change. 15:51

Drew Schantz, founder and executive director of VentureSchool, a new charter school focused on entrepreneurship in Detroit's Red Zone. 1:01:20